Makes better experiences for agents, admins, and customers
Flexible customer service and engagement platform

Zendesk Inc. is a customer service software company headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA

Zendesk makes better experiences for agents, admins, and customers. As employees, it encourages each other to grow and innovate. Customer service and engagement platform is powerful and flexible, and scales to meet the needs of any business

The Zendesk Suite

The Suite offers everything you need to let customer conversations flow seamlessly across channels, creating a better experience for both your business and your customers.

Support Zendesk integrated customer support

Zendesk Support is a beautifully simple system for tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer support tickets.

Guide Knowledge base and smart self-service

Knowledge base is a crucial part of any company’s customer experience strategy. It organizes frequently asked questions, product details, policies, and more, and empowers customers and agents with that information. Integrated seamlessly with Zendesk Support, Zendesk Guide is a smart knowledge base.

Chat Live chat and messaging

Live chat and messaging create a personal connection with customers looking for support. It’s a fast and effective way to offer help—without interrupting their experience.

Talk Call center software

Zendesk Talk makes it easy and efficient for agents to help customers over the phone as part of a seamless omnichannel support experience.

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