Cisco Collaboration

Replacing circuit switched technology with a more cost effective and efficient packet-based architecture, today data, voice and video can all be handled over a single IP network. This has paved the way for Unified Communications integration of fixed and mobile services like voice, e-mail, messaging, presence, voice-mail and web conferencing to a single environment offering the user a more complete but simpler and more effective experience. Cisco Collaboration Solutions helps businesses, small and large alike, to streamline information delivery and ensure ease of use. Human delays are also minimized or eliminated, resulting in better, faster interaction and service-delivery for the customer, and cost savings for the business. Cisco Collaboration also allows for easier, more direct collaboration between co-workers and with suppliers and clients, even if they are not physically on the same site. This allows for possible reductions in business travel, especially with multi-party video communications, reducing an organization’s carbon footprint.

Services Offering:

  • Collaboration Services
  • TelePresence Services
  • Video Services
  • WebEx Collaboration Services
  • Voice and Unified Communications

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