Open Ecosystem

  • As organizations embrace digital business strategies, their networks are evolving to include IoT, multi-cloud, and virtualized environments with complex workflows. Many enterprises are using multi-vendor products, tools, and applications—which leads to isolated security management methodologies.
  • Lack of technology integrations across these complex customer environments make it increasingly difficult to gain visibility into what is happening across the expanded attack surface and identify cyber threats. Isolated security systems cannot share intelligence needed to rapidly and automatically respond to sophisticated, fast-moving threats.
  • An integrated, open ecosystem of security solutions—woven together to scale and adapt as business demands change—enables companies to address the full spectrum of challenges across the expanding attack surface.

The Fortinet Security Fabric has an open architecture designed to connect traditionally disparate security solutions into a unified framework, allowing them to dynamically adapt to evolving IT infrastructure in order to defend its rapidly changing attack surface. Fortinet’s open approach extends the broad visibility, integrated threat detection and automated response of it’s Security Fabric architecture to leading technology alliance solutions through the Fabric APIs, Fabric Connectors, and DevOps scripts and tools.

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