Protects and retrieves your data whenever you need it
Data can be now stored in cloud the security feature also increases



World’s data will grow by 50X in next decade therefore one should be more careful while selecting the storage solution because the world is turning on digital which need more and more storage space and data is going to grow exponentially. When it comes to data storage there are multiple options available from DAS, NAS, SAN and Cloud storage.

GWC provides full-spectrum Data Storage , Information Management and High Performance Computing Solutions to customers in the SMB, SME, and Large Enterprise domains. Our expected consulting team offers additional value services including Business Need Assessment, Architecture and Proof of Design to optimize solutions to customer requirement.

Our Offering:

Storage Consolidation
Backup and Recovery
Business Continuity
Converged Infrastructure
High Performance Computing
Flash Storage
Cloud Computing
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
Data Protection
Data Analytics
Big Data
Data Centre Solutions

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